The Pups

Circle of Ridges Zoe at 6 weeksWe have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks - Zoe and Cassie. Zoe is the youngest and is prominently displayed on this page. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also called "The Lion Dog" - not sure by who but that is what I read. This a truly amazing breed (I guess I am a little partial as I have owned 5 over the years. They are extremely intelligent and downright strategic in their thinking. They demonstrate Breed Recognition, Zoe Pinning Ray and when are amongst other ridgebacks they play fiercely. Folks not used to this play will be convinced that these dogs will be trying to kill one another. There are times when they will play rough with other dogs - and it gets difficult explaining that although your dog has the other dog's neck in their mouth it is all in good fun.